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Welcome! I am a Psychotherapist specializing in Schema Focused Therapy

Be the happiest you can be!

Do You Wish:

  • that you could find the right partner?
  • that your existing romantic relationship was more fulifilling?
  • that you could get over or work through relationship infidelity?
  • that you were happier?
  • that  you could feel calm and peaceful?
  • that your relationships at work or in your personal life were more rewarding and less stressful?
  • that your work was more rewarding?
  • that you could achieve life and career goals with more ease?
  • that things and events from your past would not be negatively influencing you in someway?
  • that you could feel more joy and excitement?

Do you want:

  • to feel more loved and connected?
  • to be in love?
  • to have a great relationship?
  • to trust your partner again?
  • to let go of life regrets? 
  • to pursue your goals and dreams with passion and joy? 
  • to heal painful times, thoughts, or feelings?
  • to change your career?
  • to enjoy more career success?
  • to be happier, less bored, less  confused (about life choices and decisions)?
  • to improve your work-life balance?
  • to be emotionally free of grief from break-ups or other losses?
  • to live a life that's more interesting and fulfilling to you, based on your own definition of that?
  • to feel good about yourself?
  • to make better daily choices and improve certain actions?
  • to feel more responsible and to positively affect your life?
  • to ease up pressure on yourself and others for more joy?
  • to express yourself with ease?
  • to show up as your authentic self?

Change is possible

People often think about changing for a while before they actually take action. 

People often don't know how to make their lives better or they already would have. 

Your wishes and wants can turn into change with the right steps over a period of time. 

You deserve to be  the happiest you can be. 

Consult with Catherine Wood to determine how she can assist. 

The sooner you start, the sooner you could reach your goals. 

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How Catherine will help you with your goals:

It's my calling and my privilege to work with you

I am a highly dedicated, caring, and experienced Registered Psychotherapist.   You will feel understood by me and that I will know how to help you.   

My PhD dissertation was on attachment theory and women in romantic relationships, which means that I have studied both women and men and know important ways to help you in a focused way.  

Clients find that my business undergraduate degree is very helpful when discussing work or career issues.   

The skills from my training as a life, executive, and couples coach propel growth and change for my clients.   

I have a deeply held belief that people can heal, grow, change, and become their best selves despite any life circumstance that have impacted them.   

There is always hope.  Change happens when you allow yourself to fully engage in the process that it will take to meet your goals.  

Note: the phote above  is the actual office of Dr. Sigmund Freud in Vienna, Austria.

How Your Goals Will Be Met

It depends on what your goals are. Individual  Psychotherapy including 

  • basic counselling, or 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), or
  • deep psychotherapy using Dr. Jeffrey Young's Schema Focused Therapy,   

[note: it is my privilege to be supervised by Wendy Behary, MSW, co-trainer with Dr. Jeffrey Young in Schema Therapy and expert in Narcissism https://disarmingthenarcissist.com]

or Couples Counselling   (Imago Therapy,   Emotion Focused   Couples Therapy,   Schema Focused Couples Therapy).   

I work with adult women and men who want to:   

- understand themselves in romantic relationships,  

 - address their life issues,  

 - improve their lives.   

It is my goal to help you to achieve your goals in the most responsible and and shortest time as is possible.   

Note: the photo above is of Catherine in the Costa Rica rain forest after carefully crossing the highest bridge in the Cloud Forest(that swayed ;  )

It's Time for a Change!

Allow yourself to to do what it takes in order to live your truth.  

fall in love and find the right relationship;  

 improve your existing relationships; 

like the 500 year old tree in this photo, retain and nurture the best parts of yourself, and exude confidence and beauty; 

excel at your work and calling;   

release the past and live in the now; 

love yourself and your life!   

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I can assure you that issues with depressed or anxious moods are frequently addressed by Schema Focused Therapy. Let yourself be the happiest you that you can be.   

Live your best life now!  

Note: this photo is a 500 year old tree in the Costa Rica rain forest

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Let's determine if I can help you with your goals!

I will respond to you by email Monday to Friday and then we will set up a time to speak! 

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